Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girl Behaving Badly

A few weeks ago, two other young ladies plus myself definitely had a little too much to drink. It was all fine when the drinks were free and I was on my third rum and coke.

But then I had a whiskey sour... and remember little else.

After being extremely hungover at a Rays game the next day and eating five hot dogs, I decided not to drink for a really long time.

Yeeeeeah. Right.

It's happening again right now. I was fine at Hooters and drank two glasses of water. Then we went to another place.

Someone ordered a pitcher of beer, and I kept drinking. My glass kept being refilled.

But the killer tonight: a kamikaze.

That was baaaaad.

I'm really not the type to be at all drunk. But I definitely don't know what happened to that.

As I write this, I'm still pretty buzzed. And tired.

The worst part is, I did this with a certain member of the opposite sex that I've now gone out with a few times. And I feel sloppy.

This is so not good.

I'm never doing this again. Or at least not until tomorrow night.

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