Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wheeling & Dealing

Yesterday my fiance and I ate lunch at a fancy steakhouse for a total of $24.60 (including tip) and we got steak, prime rib, calamari, and sodas.

How, you ask?

I purchased three $25 certificates to local restaurants for $2 each. Frequently, the site has promotional deals if you sign up for alerts to get discounts. Usually $25 certificates are $10. There are restrictions, but if you plan enough, it's not a big deal. (ie: must have a minimum $35 tab excluding alcohol, must have two or more in your party, not valid on holidays, etc.)

My credit card is through Citi, and there's a great rewards program called the Thank You Network. I go there all the time and if you link to other sites through the Thank You Network, you get bonus points. Whenever you purchase anything from you get 15 (yes FIFTEEN) pounts for EVERY dollar you spend.

If you purchase an Entertainment book through the Thank You Network's link, you get 21 points per dollar spent on the book. Since mine was 20 dollars, that's 420 points right there.

Through the Thank You Network I've cashed my points in so far for a $330 plane ticket and three $100 retail store gift cards. I've had the card for two years.

Today I went to Target on my lunch break. I received coupons in the mail to get a $10 gift card for a new or transferred prescription and a $20 gift card if you signed up for the Pharmacy Rewards program. (I'm still not exactly sure what that is) I did have to open yet another Target credit card but I walked out with $30 worth of Target gift cards for only buying a $9 prescription that I would have to purchase regardless.

Because I was hungry, I did stop at the Target snack area and got the hot dog/soda combo for $2.68. Much cheaper than a McDonald's meal and I did not have to make an extra stop. I love store snack shops. When I was a little girl our local Kmart had a restaurant in it that I liked to eat at. I've often munched on a double cheeseburger from the McD's inside Wal-Marts as I strolled down the aisles late at night.

Sam's Club is my favorite. There's a great deal for $2.50 which includes a HUGE slice of pizza and a monster drink. I like to grab something on Saturday afternoons when Tim (my dude) and I are stocking up.

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