Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Year's Challenge 2009

Wealth does not always come from income, but from the way money is handled. I am not rich and I do not make six figures. However, I am in better financial shape than many people who appear much wealthier than myself. When a paycheck comes in, I can spend it frivolously or unwisely... or make the most of what I have.

Some background information about me: my fiance Tim is currently looking for a job. He has significant student loans that will start repayment in a few months. We cannot both live off of my salary and it's a hard reality fo face. I mean, if I was single, I wouldn't really have to scrutinize my situation at all. But until Tim finds work, I really need to not spend any unnecessary funds. He's my partner-to-be and we both need to work together to get through these difficult times.

Tomorrow CVS is having a really great sale (yes on Thanksgiving) with quite a few free items after Extra Care Bucks rewards. I want to go, and many of the items are essentials that I purchase frequently... But... there will be temptation to purchase free stuff that we will not use (ie: makeup products, 5 Hour Energy, toys) Not to mention the fact that it would mean getting up at 5:30 a.m. So we'll see if I end up there or not.

There are a few electronics that I've been eyeing. One is an ultraportable laptop. This one in particular... (The ASUS EEE PC 901) It's so cute and little, and is in the cheaper realm of computers at around $350.

My own computer is on its last legs and I would love to use some of my tax refund next year to buy one. However, Tim has two Sony Vaio's both in good condition. I will make due using his.

In our office, coworkers and I have been checking out a nifty Audiovox Digital Photo Frame / Message Board. It's really cool. At Best Buy it's $130. This afternoon I discovered it online for $70 plus $8.95 shipping. Part of me was drawn to the idea of ordering it for my mom and stepfather. It's such a great price! But is it? You can put photos and a dry erase board on the fridge for a lot less than $78.95!

My goal for 2009 is to consciously spend wisely instead of thoughtlessly buying things I think I need, but really don't.

Here's what I'm going to do: whenever I'm considering a large purchase (something non-essential over $20) I will NOT buy the item when I would normally. Instead, I will post it on here, and YOU will tell me if I should buy it or not. Your comments will be my consumer conscience. Please help me in this ambitious process of becoming a better spender and saving more money. Thank you guys and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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