Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Keanu Reeves' Matrix

Lately, I've read quite a few articles and lists of Best Cars for Fuel Efficiency. Usually the Toyota Prius makes the rankings... But my car is never on these lists. I have no idea why.

Several months ago, my Ford ZX2 was totaled. Panicked with only two days to find and purchase a new car I went to the Toyota dealership. I negotiated a 2008 Toyota Matrix with power locks, windows, and cruise control for about $15,600 plus tax and title fees. (Note: I saw a 2007 model with 28k miles on it going for $17,986 on Craigslist, another 2006 model with 26k went for $16,999)

Originally I'd wanted a used vehicle, but with so little time to research and shop around I couldn't risk buying a lemon. Plus, my insurance company gave me much more for my car than what I would get for it in a private sale. Along with a generous gift from my father, and using part of my savings, I managed to put down about $10,000 on a brand new car.

The Matrix has been my mode of transportation for more than six months and I have to say: I LOVE IT. The gas mileage comes close to 40 mpg highway. The wagon/SUV crossover is built on a Corolla chassis. The Corolla constantly makes most reliable and best car lists. Unlike the Corolla, the Matrix has a lot more room inside! The backseat folds down and you can transport smaller pieces of furniture. The back is also plastic instead of cloth, making for easy clean-up.

The drivers seat is a bit higher up, giving me that SUV type feel. Since purchasing the car, I've noticed quite a few Matrix's on the road, which makes me smile.


Mike, Nicki, and the boys said...

Great blog. Found you through Ramit's "I will teach you to be rich" site.

The Toyota Matrix was a joint venture with Pontiac (Pontiac's version is the nearly identical Vibe). My wife and I recently bought a 2007 Vibe and we agree with you... great car. Side benefit - everything under the hood of our Pontiac is labeled "Toyota", down to the engine, transmission, etc. Can't beat the comfort, gas mileage, and interior space.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the nice note! I <3 my Matrix! My old car was a death trap!