Saturday, November 15, 2008

Those Sneaky Drug Makers!

For most of my life, I've felt very self conscious about my face. The rest of my body has this great, soft, perfect skin... But my face is another story. Since college, acne has wreaked havoc on my appearance.

In the past few years I've seen two dermatologists. The first one was a total crook. He tried to sell me obscenely expensive skincare products in his office. The first time I fell for it. I bought a "specially medicated facial soap" for $26 from him. A month later I found the exact same soap for $8.95 on a dermatology products web site. When I slyly asked him whether I could purchase "his" soap online, he told me I could not because it was manufactured special for his office. Liar... (Note: I ordered one of the other bottles online and the ingredients were the same)

The same guy tried to prescribe me Tazorac cream, but my old employers' insurance was not great and it would have cost $150. No thanks.

A year later, I moved to a different state and saw a new dermatologist. He's fantastic. He also prescribed Tazorac cream (You apply it at bedtime. I'm not sure what's in it, it does cause some flakiness, but it sure did clear up my skin) On my new insurance plan, Tazorac was $20.

One year after that, which was a month ago, I noticed the return of the zits. So I called up the same doctor and he called in another prescription for me. The price was the same. The tubes look identical -- except for one thing. Tazorac tubes went from 60 grams to 30 grams. Nice!

It's interesting how I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't still had the old tube. Apparently even pharmaceutical companies are trying to squeeze every penny out of us. Gee, I never would have considered that before.

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