Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unwinding on a Tuesday Night

Red wine. It's become my new friend. My vice. I love the savory, salty, sometimes spicy taste of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and shiraz. It rolls over my tongue like a warm comfortable embrace. Finally, I've gotten to the point where I can have two glasses and not tip over. Maybe I'm actually becoming less of a light weight.
It's the perfect way to start off the evening after work. This week I've been getting home around 5:15 instead of 7. Today was a bit tense at certain points, so on my lunch break I went grocery shopping. Beringer's wine was on sale for $7.99 a bottle. Since I've had decent luck with the zinfandel, I decided to go for two bottles. (In my journey to Publix I also picked up Gouda cheese, milk, eggs, sushi, soda, juice, thinly sliced chicken breast and pita bread)
And I had a glass of wine with a microwaved hot dog. Now that is the art of sophistication. It is technically a red meat after all. To match the entertainment to the meal, I watched the latest episode of In Plain Sight on hulu.com. Yes... on my computer.
Very fittingly, I produce wine television segments called Wine 101. It's hosted by one of our head honchos and a man who owns a local liquor store. In fact, I've seen both of them recently. The store has the best prices imaginable and a great selection. The owner has never steered me wrong on what to purchase. He's extremely nice. Just remember that 2005 was possibly the best year ever for wine.
The weird thing is -- I'm not much of a grape fan.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying a lot of red wines too. From what I understand, there were some lab tests on rats, and it was found that red wine can modulate energy intake, and help control weight. Although, you probably knew that already; I figure that it's pointless to try to inform you about anything because you work in the news business.

that guy said...

i think you should do a weekly wine blogpost. i could stand to learn a lot more about them.

i'm a white guy myself (i mean, like, chardonnay or sauvignon blanc), but i finally found a red i like: chianti. who knew? i hate reds.

anyway, if you're producing these segments, it's time you share the knowledge nuggets you're picking up throughout your day. don't let me down