Monday, August 4, 2008

Not Found in the Wedding Album

After all the turmoil surrounding my efforts to get onto Jared and Leah's ftp site, I discovered that Jared has redesigned the site. Yay! I can finally check out other wedding photos and upload my own as soon as I can find my SD card. I discovered these "lost" snapshots taken by the best man's wife, Kristen.

This is the entire wedding party (excluding the bride and groom) at Quaker Steak & Lube for the rehearsal dinner. (L-R Tim, Myself, Hillary, Becky, Ed, Matt, Andrew) It was a good night!

Seriously, what's up with my dress? Major gatherage in a very obvious place...

The ceremony was rather casual. No flowers, just rolled up mass programs for bouquets.
Being in a wedding party is a great way to stock up on matching jewelry sets.
Why the hell am I holding the flowers up like that? It's so awkward looking.
In this shot, I'm probably thinking about food. But hey, what's new?

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