Friday, August 8, 2008

Face Value

In this day in age, it is extremely difficult to believe in people. We say things we don't really mean and make promises we know we'll never keep. "Sure, I'll come to your party." "I never miss a Bucs game!" "I love pizza." "I'll do it." Everything is exaggerated and over the top. We are intense, impatient, and full-tilt running on empty. My favorite phrase is "trust me." Really, when I hear that, I think the exact opposite.

Don't get me wrong. I think many of my fellow human beings are well intentioned... but I'm sure not going to rely on any of you. No offense. Sometimes you just have to be an island.
So many people I talk to are literally, just spinning crap. They almost seem to be missing the essence that it takes to have a true soul. Everything they say is completely worthless, because they'll never follow through - never take action. Never do anything about it. Basically, the wheels are turning but the wagon's going nowhere. What a waste of freaking time.

Talk is easy, and as I've heard quite a bit these past few days - it's cheap. What I hate about meaningless talk is that it makes it so hard to separate the truth. When most of what you hear is just lies, how does one find a genuine statement... Or real honesty? Especially when much of what you hear, you immediately dismiss.

Obviously, I don't know, otherwise this post would explain exactly how to pick out the real McCoy. But now I'm in a situation where I have to do that and I feel lost. How do you distinguish truth?

In my particular case, I really am leaning toward believing in what's been said to me. The individual that's involved understands being lied to, and I've never experienced such raw honesty before. That's why it's hard to recognize, because it's so rare.

Many of us have a filter when it comes to people. Over time we learn (unfortunately the hard way) who we can trust and who to discard. It takes a lot of sifting through the trash to find the treasure.

Why is it so difficult to take anything at face value?

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