Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

Attraction: Interpersonal attraction can be thought of as a force acting between two people tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation.

One of the most exciting and passionate emotions a person can feel, is a result of just that. Attraction. Chemistry.
Whether it's someone you've known ten years or ten minutes, it can happen with the snap of a finger.

Currently, I find my self smack dab in the middle of the strongest chemistry I've ever felt with anyone. Over the past week, I've been so distracted it's been hard to work! It's such a wonderful, euphoric, giddy feeling. I could get hit by a bus right now and still have a smile on my face.
If you couldn't tell by now, I've got someone new in the picture. He's absolutely wonderful. And knowing that he's crazy about me is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. Things are progressing quite nicely and I find myself daydreaming often.
One indicator that I really like a guy is if my stomach gets the fluttery or tickly feeling. Yes, I get them. Butterflies. According to Wikipedia, this sensation can be a physical sensation related to the body's fight or flight response or it can be an ineffable experience related to the psychology of love.
Back in college, there were a few young men that I admired afar and never really talked to. Those instances always gave me a bad case of butterflies. But now it's almost multiplied since I not only like this one, but I actually know and talk to him. Not to mention the fact that I was intensely attracted to him right away.
After winding up heartbroken a little over six weeks ago, this is literally the last thing on Earth I expected. After my first break-up, I spent six years (yes, years) in the desert of singleness. I find it incredibly ironic, that it's only been six weeks instead. So needless to say, I'm still in shock. Complete shock. This situation pretty much snuck up on me without me having any idea what was going to happen.
I love the beginnings of a new romance.

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