Monday, February 4, 2008

Lifestyle Check

In the past week I've worked out twice, eaten reasonably healthy, have cleaned the condo I share with a roommate, and even cooked dinner once.
To me that's strange, because I'm more prone to sluggish behavior than most. If there were no consequences in life, I'll admit that my diet would consist of McD's, Pizza Hut, Hooters, and Chinese food.

In high school, I did pretty much eat that all. Never worked out. Weighed about 85 lbs. Took golf lessons one summer at my grandfather's country club. Got my butt kicked by elementary school students. Took tennis lessons, and it was obvious that I caused the instructor great pain. Gym teachers hated me.

In college, I still at all that. Never worked out. Weighed about 90 lbs. At potato chips during our required freshman gym class "fitness & wellness" otherwise dubbed "fit hell." It was great!

Currently: eat much less. Work out occasionally. Weigh about 110 lbs. That's not much, but a 20 lb. weight gain post-college is a bit of a flag. Personally, I don't care to gain any more weight. I like being this size, but feel being larger would be problematic.

Down in the midsection, I do have a bit of a stomach. I'm beginning to feel slightly self conscious when I wear a two-piece swimsuit.
It would be nice to be physically fit. To be able to do jogging and other light sports. To play a little tennis, go skiing, and such without feeling dead the next day.
Tonight after work, I arrived home, put a load of laundry in, changed, went to the fitness center at the complex, actually exercised for half an hour, walked home, heated up a Lean Cuisine salmon and pasta dinner and watched Designing Women. It seemed so unlike myself (except for the Designing Women part - I've been doing that for about ten years now)

This year, for 2008, I hope to be a slightly better version of myself. A more put together, organized, less freaked out version. It's doable. I know it.

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