Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is That Funny?

One habit I have, and can't seem to break is starting to drive me crazy.
When I'm going about my day, I tend to think of different situations as a Saturday Night Live sketch.

It made me realize how pervasive the television program is when one actually thinks, "Hey, that would make a great SNL sketch!"

Several months ago I dreamed up one sketch featuring an incompetent news photographer who would always get horrible video, ask strange questions, and annoy coworkers.

Today at work, someone ordered a "Primary Day" cake for the newsroom to celebrate the Florida Primary. It was yellow and white, with confetti and American flags all over it. That would be kind of humorous to see a row of them at the grocery store. There could also be ones for other strange occasions, like a 9/11 commemorative cake with twin towers on it, or Yom Kippur. Hey, why not? That totally screams SNL sketch. Some of the cakes could even be obscenely inappropriate.

I wonder if there's SNL fan fic out there?

Sketch comedy is a wonderful form of artistic and comedic expression. From the days of Gilda Radner, to Will Ferrell, to David Spade, to Tina Fey.

Many very successful comedians and comediennes have gotten their start from improv, such as The Second City (john Belushi, Biill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Eugene Levy, James Belushi, Shelley Long, Andy Dick, Dan Castellaneta, Bonnie Hunt, Mike Myers, Christ Farley, Tim Meadows, Stephen Colbert) or the Groundlings (will Ferrell, Will Forte, Ana Gasteyer, Topher Grace, Kathy Griffin, Phil Hartman, Chris Kattan, Lisa Kudrow, Jon Lovitz, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cheri Oteri, Chris Parnell, Paul Reubens, Maya Rudolph, Ashley Tisdale).

Many of these performers found success in movies and television on Saturday Night Live, MAD TV, and Reno 911!

So do you have any ideas for fun SNL sketches?

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