Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Should You Settle?

Here's my response to the Atlantic article titled, "Marry Him" as referenced in my post on love.


la persona said...

What a fun way to respond. I think you might have the last word!

BTW, I´m doing great! I love my program, I love Boston; in fact, I´m even thinking of sticking around for a few years after I graduate. Besides school, I get a lot of practice being a live-in nanny/part-time mom. The family I´m living with is really interesting -- Orthodox Jewish, but the wife converted from Protestantism at the age of 28 in order to marry him. They´re so different, so much like a ¨business¨ as the article describes, and yet at the same time, the wife -- a Harvard graduate and former diplomat -- fell ill a few years ago and now her husband takes care of her. Not being particularly glamorous, she´s given me some hints that she initially ¨settled,¨-- Orthodox Judaism is not her thing -- but they are sweet with each other and happier, I think, in the long run.

Since I´m with them more than any other single item on my schedule, I´d like to think of my experience as a mini-internship in marriage and family. If I´ve learned anything, it´s that it takes a LOT of work ... and I´m only working 12-15 hours a week.

Anyway, nice job with the video! I´m glad it sounds like you´re doing well.

thesciencegirl said...

I like the video-blogging Jen! This is fun. And I think you made some valid points. I especially like your line that "She's not gonna be hot forever, so she better a pretty freaking good personality." That made me laugh.

Jennifer said...

Jess, I've decided this is the new platform of blogging communication. Although I think I look pretty weird, and I've noticed that I raise my eyebrows way too much and move my head around abnormally. =)

thesciencegirl said...

no! You're so cute! And I like your hair. :)

Melissa said...

AMEN! I'm not willing to settle, and I don't think anyone should. A lot of people do just get together with the first person that looks good, and I don't understand. I've gone on dates and hung out with many amazing looking guys, but after about 21 minutes, I was looking for the nearest sharp object to impale myself upon. Then I hear it from my whole family, ESPECIALLY my grandma "You're too picky?" Why? Why is it too picky to desire someone I have things in common with? Someone I can talk to for more than 30 minutes? Someone I can be with and not say a word and still feel like we had a meaningful conversation? Someone who makes me laugh? Someone I WANT to be around? It don't think that's asking too much, and frankly, I think I deserve that. Likewise, any guy that chooses me and should not be choosing me because there's no one else, but because he feels he DESERVES me