Friday, December 5, 2008

A Thrifty Gift Idea

This year, I decided to take things easy when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for my parents. My folks are divorced, and my mother has remarried. They are all in their 50s and 60s, and do not need another knick knack, sweater, or kitchen gadget. I'm the same way, and I'm only 26! We've mostly been exchanging checks or gift cards.

So I ordered Entertainment books for both my mom and step dad, and dad. They all love to eat out. I've owned my own for about four years now, and they ALWAYS pay for themselves many times over. Most of the coupons are for 50% off or buy one get one free, whether it's for a dinner entree or a park admission.

I have the St. Petersburg/Clearwater edition and it has fast food to formal restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, local attractions such as Sea World, even coupons for dry cleaning and oil changes. The book is never far away from me. The laundry and dry cleaning discounts can help you save hundreds of dollars a year if you have nicer attire that can't go in the washing machine, or just don't feel like doing laundry.

If you go out to eat once a week, you can save $6-$15 off your bill each time. That's a savings of $312 to $780 alone... all for an initial purchase of a $20-$30 discount book. You can also go to and book discounted rental cars, or print out MORE restaurant coupons.

Entertainment books are great gift ideas, and right now they're having a $10 off and free shipping promotion. I've put a link to the site below if anyone is interested in ordering a book for themselves or for a stocking stuffer! Why not help someone save some of their hard earned dollars this holiday season?


Mom2fur said...

I think that's a great gift idea. I love my Entertainment book. It pays for itself quickly, and you have a whole year to enjoy it!

Donna Freedman said...

And if you buy them through MyPoints right now, you can get 1,000 points.