Saturday, December 6, 2008

Liquor On The Cheap

We now have 14 bottles of something called Kohala Bay Dark Rum, imported from Jamaica in our pantry. This afternoon I asked Tim if he could try and get me some empty boxes from Gateway Liquor. I've done that before. Liquor stores usually have a stash of nice, sturdy boxes for desperate movers like myself.

About an hour later, he sent me a text that said, "They're out of boxes, but will save some for us. We're also getting a housewarming discount."


Tim is a pretty big talker, and seems to attract anyone and everyone into conversation. When he went to the store, he spent some time chatting with the owner and telling him about the move. So the guy offered him an entire case of 750 mL bottles for $76. And he threw in an extra two bottles for free. We have no idea how much this stuff goes for, but cheap bottles seem to be about $12 each. So that much alcohol retails for about $168 -- about a 55% discount.

Tim always surprises me with just how nice people are to him when he simply talks to them.

The moral of the story?

Giving someone a few minutes of your time and attention can be very worthwhile.


thesciencegirl said...

That's a lot of rum! Better have a housewarming party with a featured drink that includes rum. :)

that guy said...

don't be silly! the liquor store owner is just a smart businessman!

after this case of rum, you and Tim will both be raging alcoholics. and when you go out, red-eyed and hung over, for your next fix, you'll remember the kind small business owner who gave you a 55% discount. and you'll end up spending half your year's salary at his store for the next few years, until AA cures you.

Jennifer said...

Lol! That sounds about right! (Just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Do you realize how special this rum is? You could have sold it for $25+ to fans of the Mai Kai. It is the prime ingredient in a Black Magic.

Gil Batzri said...

I don't know if you still have this rum around, but if you have it and are interested I would love to purchase a bottle or two at $25. I am in the SF area in california.

contact me at:

gil dot batzri at gmail dot com

if you want to discuss.