Wednesday, October 1, 2008

...Elated to Finally Get My Turn!

Okay, so I've been tagged by Science Girl to write a post. This is the first time that I've been tagged by anyone, and I am psyched. Someone actually loves me!

Here are the rules:

So here are 6 Random Things About Me.
  1. My fingernails naturally grow freakishly long. I am too lazy to get manicures or cut my nails, so they are usually at least an inch past my fingertips. I hardly ever paint my nails or really care. To my credit, they are nice.
  2. I like anime. Used to wake up at 6:30 a.m. before school just so I could watch Sailor Moon episodes. In college, a friend got me hooked on Kodomo No Omocha. It's a very odd series about a young child TV star in Japan. She had a formerly homeless caretaker/babysitter. For years she referred to this man as her "pimp" even though she had no idea what it meant. Her mother was a famous author who always wore extremely strange hats.
  3. My best friend and I used to hold all night Monopoly marathons. We modified the rules so that neither of us would lose and the game would never end. We'd also "save" the game keeping track of where our playing pieces were and how much money we had. Frequently the bank ran out of money. What fun.
  4. I'm adopted and honestly, don't have much interest in finding my "real parents"
  5. I have a white and gray mouse. Her name is Mars. (After Veronica Mars) It was a random impulse purchase. Yes, I was at PetSmart and I didn't have a pet at the time. Now I do.
  6. Tina Fey is so beautiful I have a girl crush on her.

Okay then... I am tagging:

David, Babba Gi, Matt, Sarah, Margy, Jonathan

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