Tuesday, October 14, 2008

$2.99 Gas Is A Dream Come True

On Friday, I loaded up my Toyota Matrix to spend the weekend with Tim. He lives in Miami and has come to spend every weekend with me since he's moved here. He seemed to appreciate not having to drive four hours each way, for once.

When I stopped for gas in Sarasota at my favorite Race Trac, I paid $3.49. Not at bad price at the time.

Then, as we drove around Miami and the surrounding areas I noticed that gas was around $3.39. What? Miami being cheaper than Sarasota? It seemed odd.

On the way home I realized why. Returning to the Race Trac, the prices had lowered to $3.25. Yes, $3.25. It was quite a shock. Not that I'd been keeping up with current events though...

Today, there are gas stations in the Tampa Bay area offering $2.99 prices.

I cannot believe it.

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