Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Like Hanukkah

Every year at work, the company (a TV station) celebrates its anniversary with a 9 day celebration. It reminds me quite a bit of the Jewish celebration Hanukkah. And yes, there are presents. Each employee receives raffle tickets to enter drawings to win items like an iPod shuffle, a blender, air mattress, and the like. The winners will be announced tomorrow.

So far it's gone like this...

Day 1 "Gift Day" - Came into the office, and coworkers inform me that I'll never guess in a ten million years what is in my mailbox. They were right. It was a pizza cutter with the station logo on it. A pizza cutter.

Day 2 "Pizza Day" - Sensing a theme? Two deliveries arrived throughout the day at 11:30 and 4:45. Two meals covered! Luckily, the pies were already sliced so we did not have to use the pizza cutters.

Day 3 "Shirt Day" - Employees got to go to HR to pick up new logoed pique polo shirts. I got a size small. The shirts are white. When I took mine out of the plastic bag, I discovered that the underarm seam was destroyed on one side. So I exchanged it for another one. This one has a tiny stain on it, but I soaked it with my Tide stain stick pen. Hopefully it will be okay. The shirt is white. We are being encouraged to wear them tomorrow on Casual Friday. Perhaps I'll wear a colorful bra underneath? On second thought, no.

Tomorrow is Day 4 "Raffle Day" and I would very much like the blender or the air mattress.

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